About us


Virtual Mail room Limited is privately owned and based in Twickenham, near London, UK.

Virtual Mail Room Limited was founded by Mickel Bak and Jeremy Janion in June 1999. Mickel and Jeremy had both enjoyed successful careers in business beforehand and have worked together as business partners on several projects, including VMR, over the past 10 years.

The value that Virtual Mail Room represents is underpinned by their joint experience of building a range of outsourced data handling and electronic messaging technologies (incorporating fax, data communications and internet) and understanding how to manage these in complex business environments for both domestic and international clients.

Founding Directors

Mickel Bak

After graduating in mechanical engineering, Mickel worked for a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company in Switzerland, rising to general manager responsible for 40 staff across 4 European offices. On returning to the UK he set up Amatron, an engineering supplies and equipment business, which worked extensively with US and continental products and customers, and helped design the world's first production plasma treatment for car bumpers.

Following the successful sale of a division of Amatron, Mickel moved into telephony and in 1993 established Connaught FactsLine, through which he developed the UK's largest independent fax broadcasting platform sending over 1 million faxes per week, before pioneering event driven content messaging and developing a range of outsourced data handling and electronic messaging services to both domestic and international clients.

Jeremy Janion

After qualifying as an accountant, Jeremy worked with several blue chip companies, including Marconi, Guinness and Estates Gazette, before moving to Kuwait to take up the role of Finance Director of a group of five companies operating across different sectors, all owned by the Al Hamad family. He quickly became the Deputy Managing Director and focused his attention on creating an electronic messaging company to facilitate the supply of information to the burgeoning financial sectors in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

When he left Kuwait he concentrated on expanding the company, Connaught Commercial Services Limited, to offer a global electronic information service for international banks and security houses, developing the necessary software/hardware platforms, international communication and financial control systems, and building an international network of 18 overseas centres with 45 employees, before negotiating the sale of the business to a Nasdaq listed Company.

Jeremy has also created start ups in the fields of Hydraulics, Property Development and Ventilation Supply and Installation.