Integrating with your systems

Integrating your existing systems with a new process can often be problematic, time consuming and a source of concern. VMR has years of experience of just such integration. We have not only built up a knowledge base of how to handle different issues in this area, but also a library of software routines to cope with moving data between systems.

As part of the application setup process, we generate document templates into which we flow clients’ contact data and personalised communication. This is a more flexible approach than many other managed service providers are able to support. Our costs for setting this up and making changes are usually much lower or at no cost for minor changes.

We are able to take contact data in a range of formats and have a great deal of experience of this hand-off process. We will adapt our systems (using the import filters we have built up over time) to accommodate what clients are able to deliver.

When we need to return data to clients, we also have flexibility in how we hand this over.