VMR Hybrid Mail Service

Hybrid Mail

Welcome to the Virtual Mail Room Hybrid Mail Service.  Please select an option from the menu above, or contact your service administrator for more information.

Service Summary

Hybrid Mail is a simple solution which captures general and ad-hoc office correspondence from anywhere at any time.  The solution batches all submitted correspondence to optimise production processes and postage discounts and either prints and mails from a centralised production facility or sends electronically via email. It allows users to send business correspondence without leaving their desks and can process any items from single letters to large volume mail merges.

Key Benefits

  • Process efficiency - improved productivity

  • Releases resource to focus on core functions

  • Reduced cost of equipment and consumables (printers, franking machines, paper, ink, licences)

  • Reduced cost – up to 40% saving

  • Workflow approval to reduce risk

  • Available 24/7 from any location with internet access (ideal for home workers)

  • Full audit trail